Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Chef Tour

Who watches Top Chef?? I have honestly only watched maybe 2 episodes out of the many seasons they have. But my really good friend got hands on tickets and invited me yesterday to this event. I wasn't too star struck when I got to sit front row at this event. However, I am very thankful for the experience. I'm definitely a foodie person so it was really neat getting to taste test the chef's food. 

So the deal was, Top Chef is doing a 22 city tour and Katy area happened to be one of the places they stopped at. The 2 chefs, Tiffany Derry and Kelly Liken, who were both on Season 7 of Top Chef, did a 15 minute cooking challenge. Texas was given a survey of which food ingredient they wanted these chef's to cook and being how Texas loves their meat.............BEEF was the ingredient with the most votes. So with the exceptional talent these 2 chef's had, they whipped up some good stuff and had 3 chosen judges from the crowd to taste test the best dish. Can you guess which Chef won?? Kelly Liken did. And I voted for hers too. I love grilled onions so her dish won me at first sight. It tasted like butter and not to mention the hand pickled mushrooms and corn mmm *swoon*. It was all a good combination in my mouth. yum!

Tiffany Derry cooked the left // Kelly Liken cooked the right


  1. So you're cooking this for Saturday right? Thanks ;)

  2. Kathleen- haha nice try. Do I need to make a real dish or can it be dessert??

  3. omg we hate you. we looooveee iron chef. so lucky!!!!

    love, kat and kelly