Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boyfriend jeans

top: h&m // jeans: f21 // heels: bcbg // necklace: f21

For those that have been following me, my boyfriend and I (once again) came back to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our 1 year and 10 months. We don't usually celebrate every monthaversary but because I had such a long day of work, I wanted to spice things up and take him out for dinner. It was a weekday and I didn't want to get too glammed up so I decided to pull out my boyfriend jeans and pair it with a loose, flowy top. I dressed it up with a pair of heels and jewelry.

<3 pocketfulofapples

Monday, September 19, 2011

Animal print

After reading my dear friends post on, Paper Doll Theory, about leopard print shoes, I was just doing my daily online surf and stumbled upon 2 super adorable animal print flats along with a clutch from Zara's website. I especially love the mint/zebra print flats and the clutch. I feel like any animal print would add a little pop to an outfit. Wearing heels isn't very practical for a 1st grade teacher to wear so I'm always in search for cute, comfortable flats. I would love to get my hands on these!


<3 pocketfulofapples

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Color me happy

HEB is having a really good deal on Revlon products right now. I snagged a few nail polish bottles to add to my collection of Revlon nailpolishes. They had $2 off coupons for nailpolishes and $3 off coupons for any lip + face + eye products so I bought 2 new nailpolish bottles along with 2 eyeliners and a coral colored lipstick all for about $10!! Good deal!

I personally love Revlon nailpolishes as you can see although it would be great to have more OPI or Essie. OPI/ Essie has a wider range of colors to choose from but I can't seem to build the courage to spend that much on nailpolish quite yet. I always buy mine on sale. Revlon will just have to do for now. I'm still a very satisfied customer :)

The 2 new colors I got are Gray Suede (#705) and Iced Mauve (#151).

This week is our 1 year and 10 month anniversary. Can't believe our 2 years is about to roll around in 2 more months. Couldn't be happier with anyone else but him. He's makes me so happy :) 

<3 pocketfulofapples

Sunday, September 11, 2011

clear skies

Weather in Houston is so bipolar. Just a few weeks ago, the weather ranged between 100-108 degrees. Extremely hot to the point where the district wouldn't allow teachers to let the students out for recess. It was miserable. But since the weather here in Houston is so bipolar, it's been so gorgeous with clear skies and a nice breeze. Reminded me of California weather.

Boyfriend and I took advantage of the weather of course and have been doing a lot of outdoor activities such as taking our dogs out to the dog park, flying kites (for my very 1st time ever!), going to the dollar store to purchase water balloons to play water balloon war with each other during our Labor Day weekend.

I apologize for my lack of updates. I've been very tired during my week of work that I just literally want to prance around in a white tee + jean shorts + my toms. My boyfriend finds me most attractive when I wear white tees and jeans. So I give him just that :)

her kite

his kite

bowser came out to play

my balloons= green, boyfriends= blue, his brother= purple

Turbo & Bowser (frenemies)

Bowser with a smile on his face after the dog park. He makes my heart warm :)

<3 pocketfulofapples