Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainbows and Flowers

I apologize for my lack of posts but I have been so caught up with work being that it's TAKS week for the kiddos. Teachers have the luxury of being with their students the ENTIRE day...that means having to eat lunch with them and there's no Fine Arts period due to testing. Thank god it'll all be over tomorrow. I mean, can you imagine being cooped up in a room with 21 hyper 6-7 year olds?

So over the weekend, 2 other couples and my boyfriend decided to rent a house in Austin for the weekend to get away and relax. The city of Austin is just an overall beautiful city so it's so easy to pack up my bags and make a trip up there. The city is just filled with different cultures, individuality, it's carefree, go-green environment. The people are super friendly and the weather we had this weekend was just so amazing. And not to mention the food is delicious. The city has just so many different, unique food places to try that there's never enough time to go and try it out!

But with the limited time we had, we only got to go to some of the usual places that I always love going back too. I feel like I'd be betraying it if I didn't pay a visit while I was there.

Above- Dulce de Leche flavored Sno Cones // Below- Black Cherry flavored Sno Cones

@ Barton Springs. The water was too cold to swim in but good for dipping your feet in.

@ More Home Slice. // hamburger meat & onion flavor pizza. Deeelicious!

Across the street was a market we decided to check out. There were a lot of cute unique pieces.

Can't leave Austin without Momokos

My lover and I on 6th street

Shorts & Top- F21 // Boots- Arturo Chiang // Bag- Michael Kors // Watch- Skagen

Above- Granny's Pie // Below- Flying Pig (read description of the menu posted above)

We really wanted to eat the Mother Clucker but it was going to take at least 30 minutes for the chicken to defrost. I know what you're thinking...chicken on your donut?? Believe me when I say's freaking amazzzzzzzzing!

If you ever head to Austin, make a stop at Rudy's for some Moist Brisket and Cream of Corn. mmMmm


And here I am now at the end of my entry to leave you with a smile on your face from my students :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Don't take things for granted

New Toy

Just got this bad boy in and I cannot wait to start testing it out this weekend. I'll be heading out for the weekend to Austin. I'm definitely looking forward to hitting up a few food trucks and other good places I have in mind already to eat :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Glam

So my friend overheard on the radio (Mix 96.5) about a free Project Fashion show. It was hosted on the rooftop pool at one of these super nice Houston condos called Mosaic. They were offering free food, drinks, makeovers by BareMinerals and a "swag bag" for every person who attends stuffed with discounts, coupons and product samples.

After a long day at work, I drove home and got my "pretty on" and met with a few girlfriends up for a night of fun, beauty and fashion.

Top: F21 // Shorts: Zara // Shoes: BCBG // Purse: Marc Jacobs // Belt: F21

 my beautiful cousin & I

a few foodies

fashion show

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Menu of Menus

Every year, Houston Press throws this big event where a bunch of different restaurants come together and gives everyone a taste of their food. I've never been before but my boyfriend bought last minute tickets the day before as it was sold out the day of for us to go with a few friends. There were a few restaurants I've tried such as Niko Niko (really delicious greek food btw), The Capital Grille (had mouth watering steak samples), Fadi's and there were a few that I've never heard of. Food trucks were there also as it's becoming more popular for Houston folks. I really enjoyed Mmm Cupcakes. I hopped back in line twice for their Strawberry, Carrot and Red Velvet cupcakes.

I was excited and brought my camera around but the place was so packed and I was so excited to try everything off my plate that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of my food. But I did get a few with  friends.

We were so fascinated by our plastic trays with a place holder for our glass.

The Chef Man himself from Niko Niko

Menu of Menus token to vote for our 2 favorite restaurants.

Delicious Baklava (greek dessert from Niko Niko's)

My date <3

and another :)


oh and I never got to show you guys a full view of my birthday dress.
 (picture shown below)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

25 decades old...

 This year for my birthday, I wanted a very intimate dinner with close friends and family. Being that I have such a wonderful boyfriend, he reached out to all my close friends and family to come out to surprise me for a dinner I thought was just for me and him with 2 other couples. I was in utter shock (no photo to show you my reaction). This was definitely the best 25th a girl could ever ask for because not only did I get to be with all my loved ones but I will be getting to visit Chicago in the next few weeks! (thanks to my boyfriend!)

My favorite dessert: Tres Leches
Dress: asos // Necklace: f21 // Nailpolish: Katy Perry OPI shatter polish

My boyfriend and I

My birthday landed on a Monday this year. Because my boyfriend just loves to surprise me, I walked into my class with a vase of colorful flowers on my desk and other little gifts from my students.

My coworkers gave me a delicious strawberry cake

With a birthday sign outside my door signed by all my 1st grade teachers and all of my 21 students.

I felt so loved.


Pocketful of Apples-- what's the meaning behind it?

 Let me explain.....

I'm a 25 year old kid at heart. I have 21 kiddos that keep me on my toes 5 days a week. With the help of my cousin, I wanted a name that represented me as a teacher yet allow me to blog about my daily life. That's where "pocketful of apples" came about.

As a teacher, you would think I can be as creative as I want when picking out my own wardrobe. There are limits on how short your dress can be or how much skin you can show. I love fashion and am always filling my closet with the latest styles, however, I realize that I can't wear it to work other than....... my weekends.

Basically, I just love playing dress up and being creative so I play around with my wardrobe to make it not only fit me but be appropriate at work. I love traveling, eating and being in front of the camera (I am my boyfriend's model because of his passion for photography) so you'll be seeing a glimpse of my life.