Sunday, April 10, 2011

25 decades old...

 This year for my birthday, I wanted a very intimate dinner with close friends and family. Being that I have such a wonderful boyfriend, he reached out to all my close friends and family to come out to surprise me for a dinner I thought was just for me and him with 2 other couples. I was in utter shock (no photo to show you my reaction). This was definitely the best 25th a girl could ever ask for because not only did I get to be with all my loved ones but I will be getting to visit Chicago in the next few weeks! (thanks to my boyfriend!)

My favorite dessert: Tres Leches
Dress: asos // Necklace: f21 // Nailpolish: Katy Perry OPI shatter polish

My boyfriend and I

My birthday landed on a Monday this year. Because my boyfriend just loves to surprise me, I walked into my class with a vase of colorful flowers on my desk and other little gifts from my students.

My coworkers gave me a delicious strawberry cake

With a birthday sign outside my door signed by all my 1st grade teachers and all of my 21 students.

I felt so loved.

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  1. Damn you have one handsome ass boyfriend! :) goodluck on your blog baby!