Wednesday, August 31, 2011


August is coming to an end and with Houston Restaurant Week being an entire month this year, I tried to take advantage as much as I could. Being that I was gone most of the beginning of the month due to vacations and work, I unfortunately only had time to go to 2 restaurants. No more money in my pocket to be eating fancy.

So, my last restaurant I attended was for brunch at Haven. Eh, food was ok. Didn't really fulfill my tastebuds. Not sure if it was because I was in a ugly mood about eating or that it just really wasn't that tasteful to me. For brunch, they offer a 2 course meal. I ordered the Shrimp Corn Dogs which was probably the best thing I tried at the restaurant. They served it with a delicious shot of lemonade. The BEST lemonade I've ever had in my life. My main course was the Fried Green Tomato with poached egg on top mixed with Canadian Bacon, Marchand Du'vin, Hollandaise. The presentation of the dish wasn't very eye appealing and the first bite wasn't good enough for my taste buds. I probably wouldn't come back for brunch anytime soon. The decor of the restaurant however was very nice and earthy. I give them points for that!

virgin bloody mary :P

It was at least 105 degrees over the weekend. Being that the weather was so hot, I decided to wear a loose tank top from h&m and paired it with a turqiouse shorts I recently purchased from Jcrew. I have like 4 pairs of shorts in different colors at that place. It's so comfortable and it comes in so many playful colors. I just recently bought a salmon color that I cannot wait to bring out and wear.

top: h&m // shorts: jcrew // sandals: chineselaundry // watch: skagen

I hope everyone had a magnificent Monday!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday Night Date

For those that have followed, I was under some deep stress from work the past week and I just needed a breather to ease my mind and focus on me rather than work all the time. So boyfriend and I made a dinner reservation at my new favorite restaurant, Del Friscos, for Houston Restaurant Week. He picked me up for our evening date and decided to spruce myself up to keep him on his toes. We dined with really good friends, Teresa and her husband Andy (they're flying right now towards Greece for their honeymoon. lucky ducks!). Anyway, after devouring ourselves over delicious food and finally got my dose of the Ribeye I've been looking forward all week to eat, we headed to a restaurant/lounge called Straits. Got my groove on with a bunch of pretty girls and perhaps starting a new trend with the mustache. haha 

Cheers to more nights and weekends like this. It was much needed :)

Del Friscos Restaurant
1st course: caesar salad
2nd course: 12 oz. Ribeye (omg, melt in your mouth so good!)
3rd course: Banana bread pudding

skirt, top & clutch: h&m // shoes: mrkt // watch: mk // necklace: f21

What do you think of my 'stache girls??? Do you think we could maybe start a new trend? hahhaha total joke :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Time for work again. Week 2 starts tomorrow! Wish my luck!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Friday, August 26, 2011


Boyfriend came home from New Orleans with a box of macaroons for me. yum! :) Sucre was where he purchased this small bites of delight. This place was actually one of the places I had written down on my itinerary during my trip there but never got a chance to drop by. He however, coincidently found this place for me and brought my favorites back home. :) Thank you!

Then, he went to a nearby store and HAD to get this shirt for me. haha Love the color and especially love the turtle :)

TGIF! I can finally relax and enjoy my weekend. Celebrating our 1 year 9 months tonight with some Ribeye I've been craving for @ Del Friscos for Houston Restaurant Week! Keep cool and stay out of the heat! I cannot believe my car was at 103 degrees when I left work today. Eek!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is my little badass after his haircut. haha Definitely puts a smile on my face especially after coming home from a long, hard day at work. These kids put me to work and it's just so draining. I'm trying so hard to keep myself awake driving home. I really haven't had any alone time for me. Everything I do is related to work. I wish this profession was a 9-5 job sometimes where I can leave work behind me when I walk thru those double doors. Unfortunately it isn't. You go to work 7-4 and come home with your work afterwards. Yea, you have the luxury of having summers off but all that hard work you deal with during the months of work, it's really hard. There's so many kids that have different circumstances. You have the kids that bounce off walls with ADD/ADHD, you have autistic children, behavioral problems, kids that aren't quite trained with the restroom and you have the chit chatters. ALL IN ONE CLASSROOM with just you! But I have to say, there are a few good ones that makes your job a little bit easier. 

Anyway, I'm so stressed and to that point of breaking. Tomorrow makes 1 week of school already. I am sooo looking forward to this weekend to spend quality time with my boyfriend and just relaxing. I just need a bear hug and my doggie, Bowser, of course! :)

<3 pocketfulofapples

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Panic attack

So I have completed my first week back to work. After long hours of workshops and meetings, I feel somewhat prepared in the class. The kids first day back is tomorrow on Monday and I'm so nervous. More nervous to meet the parents than the kids. I got to meet a couple of my students today for Meet and greet. A few of them dropped off school supplies.  I forgot how teeny tiny these kids are coming from kindergarten. All of the kids are soo small! I have quite a few cuties in the class and a lot of hyper little boys.


Teachers deserve to get paid overtime for all the hours we put in. I was at work from 7:30am till 7:30pm last Friday. I'm completely drained and exhausted. I had to force myself to leave work. There is always things to do in this class. Whether it be labeling folders, storing supplies, making copies, preparing for next week. ah! I just know it's going to be chaos next week.

So here's a glimpse of what my class looks. I took this a few days ago so I obviously have more things on my shelf.

Wish me luck tomorrow guys! I'm going to need it!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Friday, August 19, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Part III

This was our last night in Vegas. Took an extra stretch cadi limo to Boa's Steakhouse with our large party of 25+. Then partied till sunrise @ Marquee.

this is the only back picture I have of my dress that night. I thought this dress screamed Vegas so I saved it especially for this trip.

me: dress: f21 // shoes: jessica simpson ||  bf: shirt: h&m // belt: gucci // pants: sevens // shoes: kenneth cole // watch: rolex

I get cold very easily so instead of wearing shorts on my way back home to the airport, I wore jeans with a very comfortable yellow top I paired with a black tank top inside.

top: unknown // tank: zara // jeans: levi's // sandals: chinese laundry

<3 pocketfulofapples

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Part II

Day 2 of Vegas where we basically tried to hit up all the cool casinos.

got a lot of compliments on this top. This top was perfect for Vegas 106 degree heat.

 whimisical tree :)

colorful umbrellas @ Bellagio

different tastes of seawood @ Sushi Samba

carrot cake with cinammon ice cream @ Sushi Samba.

my main squeeze heading out to wach Jabbawockeez after dinner

lots of fun & laughs with wonderful friends <3

<3 pocketfulofapples

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sin City part I

Arrived to Sin City with class ;) I got to experience a lot of things I've never done before such as going to Vegas and riding in a limo (3x). Attended a Jabbawockeez show and even got pulled onto the stage. (totally embarassing--- you just had to be there to see..maybe I'll post a picture of it later). Partied till the sun came out at the Marquee with Dash Berlin performing. An amazing and very talented DJ from Europe. I had such a fun time on this trip with great friends and a wonderful boyfriend. He's the one that surprised me with the limo :)

Will update with more pictures. These are just a few of my favs from the first day there.

 It's nothin fancy but it sure was a cheap stay with an extra comfy bed.

first stop: breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris
Deee-lish! -- smoked salmon bagel

dolled up for a fancy date with my hot boyfriend at Eva Longoria's Restaurant @ Beso
me @ Cosmopolitan
gorgeous chandeliers everywhere

romper: borrowed from my beautiful cousin (thank you <3) she bought from chloe dao's lot 8 // shoes: vince camuto // clutch: h&m // watch: skagen // earrings: f21

back, side, front

about to head out for dinner with my hot date ;)

crab cake

my 16 oz ribeye with a side of truffle fries. omg, it was delicious but way too much food. Couldn't finish it.

ended the night with a water show in front of Bellagio. Soo gorgeous!

Work has officially started and with the lack of sleep I had over the weekend, I am so pooped. I'm trying to get back into my regular routine again. That includes getting into a workout routine, an eating diet and to lay off on the trips and start saving money.

I hope everyone had a happy Monday :)

<3 pocketfulofapples