Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Braided twist

 top: nordstrom rack // shorts: f21 // sandals: jsimpson

The weather in DC is so overwhelmingly hot. Almost comparable to Texas weather. Gotta keep cool with a sheer top and some cutoff shorts. Kept my bangs out of my face with a braid because sweaty bangs as we all know isn't very pretty. Pictured above is my little sister, my roomie here. This is us heading out to the museum!

 The Archives where the originalConstitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are held for viewing. So cool!!!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Pleather Shorts + guests

top: h&m // shorts: f21 // sandals: old navy

My silly sister and booty bumping cousin! haha My home away from home <3

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Treasure Box

Being a teacher is all about thinking outside the box. Instead of going out purchasing a nice box to stuff trinkets and toys in for your students for your treasure box, why not use a huge shoe box from Zara stuffed in the corner of your closet?? It was a perfect size and I really dislike the plastic tub I use in my class. I took my red and white paint. Went on a painting frenzy and made it as colorful and fun for the kids!

Below is a before and after picture!

For all my fellow teachers, what do you use for your treasure box?

<3 pocketfulofapples

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jar of Hearts

Before I left to DC, I made a jar of hearts for my boyfriend. I bought the fabric, the mason jar, hand sewed 30 hearts and stuffed them with cotton. I hid them in different places of his room, car etc. I didn't make it too difficult for him to find. I just hid them in areas I know he'd find them in whether it be in his running shoes, inside the pocket of his favorite jeans, his backpack, drawer etc. I tried to be a little sneaky because I didn't want him to find all 30 in one day. He's found about 15 already and it's been almost 2 weeks that I've been gone. 15 more to go babe! ;) 

I gifted him a mason jar so that he has a place to put the hearts in. I even sprayed my perfume inside the jar so that he's reminded of me while I'm gone. As I presented his gift (the jar), I also handed him one heart and told him that for everytime he finds one to remember how much I love him and how often I think of him while I'm gone.

Now I can't take full credit for this. I was blog searching and found this really cute idea from I love being arts and crafty. I painted a few pictures and made a few things from Pinterest. I love that site!! So addicting. I have a few more projects to tend to when I come back home. Can't wait!!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Late July 4th

This is a late 4th of July update. How was everyone's 4th of July celebration?? I enjoyed every bit of my time here in DC. What better place than to celebrate this holiday in the state capital?? The heat wave is crucial and has hit up to 105 degrees yesterday. I'm crossing fingers for it to drop very soon!

So on July 4th, there was a Smithsonian outdoor festival where all the important monuments are, such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court etc...So many people out to celebrate. There were parades, fun live music, delicious food. At night, my sister and I got an opportunity to watch fireworks on the rooftop of her work building overlooking the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial. So cool!

I didn't have any red/white/blue items to wear so I just have white & blue on. haha

 watermelon bigger than my head!

Hope yall enjoyed your 4th of July as much as I did :) Have a great week!

<3 pocketfulofapples

Pura Vida Part 4

Ok seriously this is the last post of my trip to Costa Rica! This was a capture of our last dinner together in Costa Rica. The atmosphere was so quaint, outdoors and raining so it was beautiful to hear the rain fall while eating dinner together. The food was delicious! And I cannot get over how yummy the lettuce wraps were.

Baby back ribs
lettuce wraps. yum!!

My entre // Macadamian crusted Mahi Mahi
Chocolate Souffle
Pretty moth!

a view I will truly miss :(


Pura Vida Part 3

Starting our day with a hike into Manual Antonio Rainforest. Good thing I packed my rainjacket because it was pouring down!

A moth landed on my friend

Sneaky monkeys! We all had to keep our bags close to our bodies or else they would steal from you.

Private beach of Manual Antonio Park

Lots of iguanas everywhere

Pura Vida means "Pure Life". That was our saying through our entire trip.

top: f21 // bathing suit: gap

Choosing pictures to share was a difficult task. I wanted to post all of them!!! But I had to narrow them down to a few, so here are a few of my favorites!

Stay tuned for Day 4!!

I hope everyone (in the states) had a wonderful July 4th. What better place to celebrate this holiday none other than Washington DC.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pura Vida Part 2

Day 2: After being so exhausted from doing outdoorsy things the first day, we manned up and did round 2. Started off the morning taking surfing lesson by 3 very patient surf guides. haha After surfing we relaxed and cooled off for a bit at the beach with a virgin strawberry daquiri. Then did parasailing. Ended the night with dinner and yet another night filled with dancing at Music box with all the locals :)

Stayed tuned for update of Day 3!!

<3 pockefulofapples

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pura Vida Part 1

So with lots of extra time that I have here in Washington, I'm finally going to post a few of my favorite pictures each day in Costa Rica.

Day 1: We had a full day of outdoor activities. The first excursion we did was ziplining through the rainforest. Then we rented Atvs. We got really dirty but it was so much fun! Our tour guides led us to a beautiful waterfall that made the
entire excursion so worth it. We climbed down a cliff and jumped off the rocks into the waterfall. It was a scary experience but so fun! Then after dinner, we had a night filled with dancing at Bambu Jam!

top: old navy // bottoms: nike // shoes: nike free runs

That's me hanging upside down! Such an adrenaline rush but again, so much fun!

top & skirt: h&m // bag: f21 // sandals: jsimpson

I miss Costa Rica so much! Words cannot explain how fun this trip was. We were so active and spent most of our times outdoors. The people we met were so nice and the food was amazingggg! More updates coming soon!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washington DC foodie

I am finally here in DC. After much anticipation for this getaway with my sister, I cannot believe we will literally be living out of our suitcases for the next few weeks. It was very tough for me to decide what to pack knowing that it's not practical to bring your entire closet (although it would be extremely nice) Flying Southwest allowed me 2 free check ins but I couldn't stuff both suitcases with clothes. I had to think smart and come prepared with 1 empty suitcase for new clothes I will purchase here in DC and an upcoming trip to New York City.

I am a bit disappointed at how hot the weather is here. Coming from Texas, I though it was hot there, but man!!! walking everywhere without a car leaves a girl looking cray with a shirt soaked with sweat. *sigh* WHY MUST IT BE SOO HAWTT??!?!

Despite the hot weather, DC is treating me fairly well so far, especially the food places we've gone too so far!

 Toki Hakata Classic