Sunday, July 1, 2012

Washington DC foodie

I am finally here in DC. After much anticipation for this getaway with my sister, I cannot believe we will literally be living out of our suitcases for the next few weeks. It was very tough for me to decide what to pack knowing that it's not practical to bring your entire closet (although it would be extremely nice) Flying Southwest allowed me 2 free check ins but I couldn't stuff both suitcases with clothes. I had to think smart and come prepared with 1 empty suitcase for new clothes I will purchase here in DC and an upcoming trip to New York City.

I am a bit disappointed at how hot the weather is here. Coming from Texas, I though it was hot there, but man!!! walking everywhere without a car leaves a girl looking cray with a shirt soaked with sweat. *sigh* WHY MUST IT BE SOO HAWTT??!?!

Despite the hot weather, DC is treating me fairly well so far, especially the food places we've gone too so far!

 Toki Hakata Classic


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