Sunday, July 8, 2012

Late July 4th

This is a late 4th of July update. How was everyone's 4th of July celebration?? I enjoyed every bit of my time here in DC. What better place than to celebrate this holiday in the state capital?? The heat wave is crucial and has hit up to 105 degrees yesterday. I'm crossing fingers for it to drop very soon!

So on July 4th, there was a Smithsonian outdoor festival where all the important monuments are, such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court etc...So many people out to celebrate. There were parades, fun live music, delicious food. At night, my sister and I got an opportunity to watch fireworks on the rooftop of her work building overlooking the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial. So cool!

I didn't have any red/white/blue items to wear so I just have white & blue on. haha

 watermelon bigger than my head!

Hope yall enjoyed your 4th of July as much as I did :) Have a great week!

<3 pocketfulofapples

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