Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My cousin and I went to a place called Relish. It was a cute little sandwich shop that sold really good desserts. The purpose of her taking me here was for the macaroons. $1.25 a pop. That's cheap compared to other places I've visited so far. Sandwiches were a little pricier than what I usually pay for and it tasted like just an average sandwich. I would probably go there again only for the rice krispy treats (they made it with brown sugar), the macaroons and the strawberry lemonade.

top: h&m // shorts: UO //shoes: banana republic // purse: h&m

This will be my last blog for the week as I will be on my way to Boston tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Time for some cooler weather because I'm tired of this Texas heat!!

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. JUST AVERAGE?! Pfft. I am craving the cajun turkey BLT sandwich just reading about it. Delicious bacon smoked and crisped to perfection...YUM. I'm glad you enjoyed the other items though :)

    Have fun in Boston and gettin down wit yo Momma in da clubbb. Haha <3

  2. mmmmm macarons! they're so pricey though :( good thing you found cheaper ones!


  3. Very cool post!! I love your pictures!!

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  4. tny for ur lovely comment! u need to come to croatia :))

    <3 fallowed u, fallow me back? :)