Sunday, April 10, 2011


Pocketful of Apples-- what's the meaning behind it?

 Let me explain.....

I'm a 25 year old kid at heart. I have 21 kiddos that keep me on my toes 5 days a week. With the help of my cousin, I wanted a name that represented me as a teacher yet allow me to blog about my daily life. That's where "pocketful of apples" came about.

As a teacher, you would think I can be as creative as I want when picking out my own wardrobe. There are limits on how short your dress can be or how much skin you can show. I love fashion and am always filling my closet with the latest styles, however, I realize that I can't wear it to work other than....... my weekends.

Basically, I just love playing dress up and being creative so I play around with my wardrobe to make it not only fit me but be appropriate at work. I love traveling, eating and being in front of the camera (I am my boyfriend's model because of his passion for photography) so you'll be seeing a glimpse of my life.

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