Friday, June 3, 2011

1.5 years of happiness

Last weekend was my boyfriend and I's anniversary. We celebrated our year and a half of being together in The Woodlands area which is almost an hour away from us. Coincidently, the Ironman event was happening so the area was very packed with many family and friends cheering for their loved ones. As we were walking through the crowds to get a view of town, we were lucky enough to encounter a proposal once a runner crossed the finish line. So sweet. (picture posted below)

So the town itself was a change of scenery for the both of us. Since I've been so swamped and stressed from work and he's often busy studying for his DATs, we decided to venture to some place different for our anniversary. The Woodlands was a very cute little area with a man made river that circles the entire shopping pavilion. We had dinner at America's. Food was really good as we were both really hungry.

top: gifted from Wish boutique // shorts: F21 // sandals: Target // purse: Coach // sunglasses: Gucci

new shades I just purchased during my trip to Chicago :)


corn dogs wrapped in Crab cake meat

Sea bass over mashed potatoes with scallops topped with crab meat. Deeelish!

The Churrascos- 10 oz steak

the wedding proposal

<3 pocketfulofapples