Thursday, June 23, 2011


I took a visit to Sweet again having lunch at Ruggles Green. I love both places. I was craving the Atlantic Salmon Salad. The salmon was so buttery and it taste so wonderful with a bowl of sweet potatoe fries on the side. I don't have a picture of my salad because boyfriend and I devoured it with a quickness but I did capture a picture of a box of macaroons my boyfriend bought to test try. We both have heard such good things about macaroons but I've never once tried it. I've heard that once you take a bite out of it, it's like heaven and you can't stop eating it. Boy were they right. They were so delicious!! I'm kind of thankful this place is more than a 20 minute drive from where I live because I would make a trip to this place everyday for some more.

 We wanted to try all the flavors so starting from up top: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla || bottom: I got 2 pistachios because my little cousin was obsessed with this flavor, coffee.
My favorite had to be the pistachio (thanks Andrea!) & coffee.

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. macarons are my absolutely favorite! drooling now..

  2. I think I'm the only person who doesn't really like them! But they're starting to pop up everywhere in Houston: Farmer's Market, Araya Chocolate Store, Central Market, Sweet...even Jungle Cafe!

    I just think they're pretty to look at -__-

  3. And boo :( Last time I got macarons for Andrea, they gave me a little baggie and one got crushed! I'll ask for a box next time like you got :)

  4. ive never had one but they look amazing :P x

  5. macarons are definitely a fave in my book as well! i'm always on my toes trying to find the nearest place that has macarons around my area. hehe

    & this SWEET cupcake boutique place looks amazing! i wish we had it here!

    happy weekend!


  6. i love ruggles green! there stuff is amazing and the best part....healthy. haha. i have been meaning to try sweet. gotta do it soon!! those look yummy.


  7. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I am ALWAYS so happy to meet other Houstonians! Just followed you. My hubby and I were JUST at Sweet on Friday night after dinner. I didn't try their macaroons but we had a couple cupcakes. Not bad :) I have a feeling I will be visiting your blog A LOT! Happy Sunday doll!