Monday, June 13, 2011

Texas heat

Over the weekend was my wonderful friend's birthday celebration at an American fine dining restaurant called Masraff's. Now if you live in Houston or ever plan on making a visit, you must visit this place. The food their is phenomenal. This is my 3rd time there. First time visit was during Restaurant Week and 2nd time was for boyfriend and I's anniversary. This place is a bit pricey but I have never been let down with anything I ordered. Mr. Tony Masraff himself is exceptionally nice. With the chance he gets, he will come around to meet and greet his guests as they eat. The one dish I highly recommend to order if you ever plan to visit must be the calamari. It's different from any ordinary calamari out there. It's so tasteful! I really have no words to describe it. You just have to try.

After devouring my delicious meal, we all headed out to dance the night away. Lately the heat in Texas is getting so outrageously difficult to deal with. You would think wearing this top with a bare back would cool me down a bit but poor me, you could see sweat stains seeping through the top. Embarassing much? Thank goodness it was dark in the club so no one really noticed. Except you can spot it in pictures. (not telling you which one :( )

the calamari

I ordered the Special, Grilled Salmon over Risotto

Cute little Cake Pops: vanilla and red velvet flavor

Before heading out

The boyfriend and I dancing the night away :)

ketchup & mustard // birthday girl and I

all the ladies out front of Masraff's

top: pins and needles // skirt: f21 // shoes: jsimpson // watch: mk // necklace: f21

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. The food looks incredible! A girl after my own porn, friends, and fashion! Love the ensemble hun!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. I SEE THE SPOT! hahaha you still look like a hot momma ;)

    P.S. Dang baby got backkk.

  3. Oooh you look so pretty! I love your top, the back is AWESOME.

  4. love the outfit!