Tuesday, June 7, 2011


School has been let out for 4 days already and I've been so bored at home with nothing to do. I'm not complaining though. This gives me time to sort through all my files and get organized before the next school year begins. And what better opportunity to play ketchup with all my old friends that I have not seen in along time. Although catching up with friends is nice and eating good food while at it, I've been spending way too much money and been gradually getting out of shape :(

So today, I had a lunch date with an old college friend, Gloria. We had lunch at the Ruggles Green in Citycentre. I ordered the Salad with Atlantic Salmon and a side order of sweet potato fries! yum! No pictures to show but afterwards for dessert (yes, gotta have dessert) we walked to a cupcake boutique called Sweet. The decor was soo cute and vintage. I ordered the Strawberry cupcake with dried strawberries on top and had to order the red velvet cupcake for the boyfriend. OMG, the strawberry cupcake was deelicious. Not too sweet or filling.

Another trip has been booked. This was a late Mother's Day/birthday gift to my mother. The trip will consist of only the ladies of the tran family plus 2 new guests: the boyfriends. This shall be an interesting trip being that we will all share the same room for 4 nights and 5 days in Boston. awkward?? haha

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  1. I love the decor of Sweet the most out of all the cupcake places I've been to in Houston, but Sprinkles is still my favorite cupcake-wise :)

    And omg...does that mean the boys will sleep on the floor? LOL please take pictures. This will be VERY interesting hahaha