Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Got my hands on the Silver Swan Bracelet from Jewelmint.  This is my 2nd piece from them and I absolutely adore their products and packaging. I was so excited to see this arrive on my front door step. And I cannot wait to wear it.

For some that may not know, this website was created by actress Kate Bosworth. All the jewelry pieces are created by her. They're all unique pieces and can only be found on the Jewelmint website. Most of the jewelry sell out pretty quick and I wasn't able to get my hands on some of the pieces I wanted. So sad!

Here are the ones I have saved in my cart but were sold out :(

1. Cosmic Fusion Necklace
2. Savoy Bracelet
3. Odyssey Necklace

On a happy note, I just ordered my 3rd piece a few minutes ago because it's surprisingly back in stock.

It's the Arabian Nights Bracelet. Such a beautiful piece! ah! Can't wait to get it in the mail.

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. You're welcome ;-) Can't wait to see the Arabian Nights Bracelet on you!

  2. Wowee these are absolutely gorgeous! I love the both the ones you ordered :D

  3. oohhh love the pieces you picked out!!! :) merry christmas

    love kat