Friday, December 30, 2011

High School Reunion

Attended one of my friend's Christmas gathering at her cute little apartment. Been friends with these group of beauties since middle/high school school days. We hadn't been in the same room since many years ago so I was very glad to be here this night to catch up on loss times.

Thanks Kat for being a great hostess and having me there. It was fun! :) and Kelly for the bombdiggity sliders!

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. Oh it looks like a lot of fun, you girls had ;) Think it's very great to see your high school friends years later and chat with them like before! Thanks for your nice comment and for following, I follow you now too. xoxo Nini

  2. i had such a good time eating and catching up with everyone. so happy you guys were there!! thank you for coming! must get together more often :) happy new year!

    love kat

  3. Ah, it's my 2nd day on diet and late at night..
    and I see this D;
    You girls all look gorgeous though! ;)

    From your new follower!

  4. lol i feel like i havent been to your blog in awhile. i havent even seen this post! lovee it. its always fun getting everyone together and catching up. ill see you next week for our dinner date!

    love kelly