Monday, November 14, 2011

Starbucks Run

Went to run some errands over the weekend and I of course had to make a stop at Starbucks for my usual, almost everyday drink. Iced white chocolate mocha. So good! It's my addiction every morning before I head in to work.

blazer: gap // top: club monaco // jeans: levi // shoes: aldo // bag: f21

I got a lot of compliments on my blazer the day I wore this. This purchase was a major steal too. I remember the day I purchased it with my cousin. I was very lucky to find it in my size and it was I believe less than $30!

I'm getting a hair trim Wednesday. My hair is so thick and needs a major trim! Going back to shorter bangs.

This is my last week of work before Thanksgiving Break! I can't wait. Family is coming into town and I finally get to relax and sleep in! Woohoo!

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. so cute ivy! very classic look :) can't wait to see your hairr!!

    love kat

  2. starbucks everyday?!? lucky girl. i'm too poor for that. haha cute outfit btw!

    love kelly

  3. You remember our special mall date?!

    And haha..."almost everyday drink" mmhmm ;-)

    Can't wait to playyy next week!

  4. that actually sounds like the most delicious drink in the world. and I'm in love with your blazer and shoes! too cute :)

  5. Your blazer is great, as well as combination of dark blue and beige!
    I envy you for thick hair and looking forward to see your new hairstyle!


  6. Wow - a blazer for less than $30? what a steal, it looks great on you and I love it paired with the stripe top and jeans! Perfect outfit for a starbucks run.

  7. I am the same! I cant function without my morning coffee... i love that blazer such a steal!

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