Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cake pops + Turtle's Bistro

This was my first time ever making cake pops. This is like the new trend to have for birthday parties rather than having a full on cake amongst my group of girlfriends. They go out and buy them for about $1.25- $2.00 per cake pop. Since I'm on a budget, I decided to look up how to make cake pops. I was inspired by my little cousin Andrea because she made some delicious cake pops not too long ago for a Food party. I surely saved a lot of money and it was absolutely fun making them. It took a lot of effort but I made it with love for my boyfriend's birthday.

His favorite cake flavor is red velvet so I made Red Velvet Cake Pops for him and used blue chocolate for the covering. Yall should give it a try! Take pictures and let me know how it goes!!

I also made a special candle light dinner for him and added my own little twist to it.

I customized a little menu and made it a scenario as if he was at a real restaurant. I made a 3 course dinner menu for him and laid out some warm fresh biscuits + cinnamon butter (I made it taste just like Texas Roadhouse butter) for him to munch on while waiting for his first course.  

This is my boyfriend checking in on his phone at Turtle's Bistro. :)

I don't know how to cook but with the help of one of my close friends, she shared with me some of her recipes. I would love to be in the kitchen more and learn how to cook. If you have a special dish, please do share! :) Because my boyfriend would greatly appreciate it. haha

** If you're curious as to why I called it Turtle's's because that's my nickname for him since we first met. It takes me longer than others to do things, process things so he calls me his turtle. haha It's a small little inside thing between us 2.
<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. haha my bf and i are always on our phones checking in at restaurants too! btw so sweet you made him cake pops! those look DELICIOUS

  2. im obsessed!! must try the cake pops, always enjoyed eating them...but have never made them before haha. and what a sweet, romantic thing to do for your significant other. :) how cute!


  3. omg those turned out so great!! i love the light blue icing! very cute!! and very martha stewart of you :)


  4. Wow - those pop cakes look amazing!!! You did such a great job on them - can't wait to try it out.