Monday, March 12, 2012


Now that I am on my spring break, I have tons of free time to myself. Reminiscing through my old photo albums on a previous trip to San Francisco 2 years back. I definitely left my heart there and would love to go back sometime soon.  Unfortantely, I don't have a sufficient amount of funds to do so right now so I'm just sitting here wishfully dreaming I was there.

On a more positive note, I will be taking a road trip to good ol Austin, Tx. towards the end of the week. Gotta get out of Houston before work starts again. I'm highly anticipating this little getaway even though its just a few hours away from home. It's a much needed trip for me. I'm going to relax and enjoy it with my wonderful boyfriend :)

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. Haha looks like fun with that tree!

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  2. lucky! i wanna go to austin! and i'm liking your new banner!! super cute :)

    love kelly

  3. Your upcoming getaway sounds perfect! Your San Francisco pics make me wanna visit it even more than before, wish I'd have money/time for that someday (from Europe it's a bit harder :))!

  4. san francisco! my hometown! beautiful picture with the bridge!

  5. Ooo I see those banner skillz! Forever package comes in today yippeee :) Can't wait to see an OOTD post with the new bling ;-)

    <3 #1 Fan

  6. so great photos! you look wonderful:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  7. Hy sweetie! Lovely post! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other?!:X