Thursday, February 16, 2012

Orange you glad I posted?!?!

dress: asos // blazer: gap // shoes: bcbg // necklace: f21

Boyfriend took out his camera and told me to put an outfit on so he can brush up on his photography skills. I thought of you guys and with no hesitation, I brought out my orange birthday dress I wore last year. Paired it with my favorite blazer from Gap.

So due to my lack of updates, I have been very productive and dedicating most of my time after work to yoga. I highly recommend it to those that don't enjoy running. I had an on/off moment where I really enjoyed running. I mean I can run miles and miles straight but as of late, I despise it. With all these groupon and living social deals, I've been taking total advantage on all these yoga deals! I've purchased regular yoga classes and Bikram yoga (where you're in a heated room of 108 degrees stretching and drenching yourself in sweat)

I've practiced yoga for I'd say a month already and I've noticed drastic changes in my body. I'm more toned in muscle and my waist has slimmed significantly (says my boyfriend). I still try to get some cardio in and run because I'm really trying to shed off some fat from my stomach area. Spring break is coming up so I gotta prepare myself to be in a bathing suit. I don't have plans to be in a bathing suit yet but it's just my own motivation to be more active versus taking naps after work. Which I miss and love :(

<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. Yes I am glad! Nice legs ;) Can't wait to partyparty for your birthday this year.

    #1 Fan

  2. yay for bikram! love the bright color of the dress :)

    love kat

  3. lol i was literally going to say the exact same as kat... 'yay for bikram!' anyway, love this post! your bf did a good job with the photography and you look great in that color!

    love kelly

  4. thanks kells! btw update pleasee im tired of seeing the same post nowwww