Saturday, May 14, 2011

Temporary Windbags Part I

I apologize for the lack of updates but as school is coming to an end, there's so much testing I have to do with the kiddos. So last weekend, I did come back from The Windy City formally known as Chicago. My goodness, I have nothing but good things to say about this city. It's absolutely beautiful, the people are nice, and the food iss amazing! I'm not much of a fan for New York because in my opinion it's just too busy for me, it's dirty and the many times that I've visited I've encountered a lot of rude people. I visited San Francisco last year and that was by far my most favorite city. Chicago is like a New York combined with a San Fran twist to me. I don't know why. So my boyfriend and I stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days at the W Hotel. The trip was not long enough. We left without trying a few food places I had written down on our itinerary. So I'm thinking Chicago is a city I'd definitely have to pay a re-visit too in the near future.

When we arrive in Chicago, it was too late so all the food places were closed so we settled for dining at the downstairs lobby in our hotel.

Truffle Parmesan Fries @ the W Hotel. We had these babies 2 days in a row. Super delish!

Day 2: We began our morning with a tour of the Sears Tower.

View from 110 stories up.

Skydeck/ Look at how high we were from down below. My heart was pounding posing like this.

After the tour, we walked around the city for pizza. Chicago was filled with colorful tulips (such as the picture above) around the entire city. So it was a very pleasant walk everywhere we went.

I'm a very big fan of pizza and when I heard Chicago is known for their Deep Dish pizza I had to go try it out. This was Pineapple and Sausage. Not as great as I thought. In my opinion, it was too cheesy and filling. After 2 pieces, I was done.

After that, we went to the Architectural Cruise Tour that I booked for my boyfriend. He loves being on boats. I have no idea why but I figured what better way to tour the city than being on a boat. It gave us a chance to take pretty good photos of the architecture around the city.
a 5 story cottage house worth a millions of dollars. Very cute!

cruising down Chicago River

I'm not sure what buildings these are called but I just liked the look of them.

under the bridge

a look a like of the John Hancock building

depending on where the sunlight hits on this building, the different it looks according to those waves.

Walked to the Navy Pier. We were planning on riding the ferris wheel but by the time we finished all our tours and walking, we were exhausted. So we just decided to walk to the end of the pier and take pictures, then walk home for dinner at night.

As my boyfriend was snapping away, I snapped from my camera too of the lighthouse in the back.

Jeans: BCBGGeneration // Sweater: H&M // Boots: Bakers // Scarf: Old navy // Bag: MK // Black Peacoat: MK

15 minute wait just for popcorn. Was it worth it? heck yes!

I made dinner reservations at One Sixty Blue. After yelping for hours and hours, I settled for this place because it had lots of good reviews. The restaurant owner of this place was Michael Jordan.

The bar decor was very nice and quaint.

We ended our night with a few drinks and salsa dancing at Nacional 27.

in front of our hotel

The upstairs lobby was so nice and vacant so we decided to have some fun with the camera.

Dress: H&M // Watch: Skagen // Heels: Jessica Simpson

Part 2 to be continued........


  1. Beautiful photos!!
    Btw thanks for your comments. :) I actually translate my posts. they are at the bottom of each post in grey.

  2. how wonderful!! i've always wanted to visit the windy city, but have never gotten the chance, even though i've lived in jersey and ny! that hotel looks amazing and LOVE that h&m sweater. anyways i'm sure kelly has told you that we would love to feature you as one of our paper dolls. hope we can schedule something soon!

    take care
    love kat

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    your outfits are great and you look gorgeous!!

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  4. a ververy nice girl :) you are a very lucky man...