Sunday, May 1, 2011

So won't you be my honeybee??

Last Thursday (a school/work night), my dear cousin invited me out to the Kina Grannis concert @ the House of Blues. Knowing that I have to wake up early the next morning for work (6:00 am), I honestly didn't want to go. But after thinking how much I've been called lame, grandma or party pooper from my boyfriend and friend, I decided, what the heck, why not? I like her music and this will be a change of scenery for me.

Lately, I've been really trying to venture out, trying new things because I've felt that my life is becoming really routine for me. Wake up 5:50 am, snooze till 6...brush teeth, get dressed, drive to work, teach kids from 8-3:45, with the quiet time I have after my kids leave...I play catch up in my classroom, leave work around 4:00, drive home, take a nap, catch up on blogs, facebook, make lunch then go to bed. See what I mean?? Routine!

So there was this coupondeal that I got online, Bikram yoga- 5 classes for $25. I'm thinking that's a pretty good deal! I've never tried yoga especially in a room that's more than 100 degree heat for 90 minutes. It'll be quite an experience but I cannot wait!

Below are some pictures I took at the concert. I really enjoyed listening to her music. She's so cute, soft spoken but seems so down to earth. I went out and bought her CD because I actually liked majority of the songs she played. One of her songs is actually being played in the video I posted in the past of Wong Fu Productions.

Kina Grannis- Cambridge

She's opening my CD to autograph it

She's so cute!

me showing off haha

happy about my autographed cd
top: Mint  // shorts: Jcrew // Sandals: Target // Bag: MKors

My cousin and I saw this yellow background we wanted to take pictures with.

 <3 Pocketful of Apples


  1. thanks for visiting sara + linh!

  2. Aw, Cambridge is actually my current fave song from her! I really wish I could meet her and I'm dying to purchase her CD! She's extremely talented and gorgeous (and as are you!! :))