Monday, June 11, 2012

Neutral Frou Frou

Went to an engagement party for David's high school friend. This was my 2nd time attending a Pakistani wedding. I love how colorful and vibrant their outfits are. The entire ballroom was so bedazzled and all the ladies were dressed in beautiful saris. I would love to one day dress in one. Especially the hennas and the jewels they wear.  

Bought this dress on sale at BCBG. I love the neutral color of it and the sheer fabric. I poofed out a little bit. Made me feel like a  little girl in it :)

Congratulations to Ali & Kanwal!


  1. Oh you look fantastic! This dress is soo lovely and elegant and really perfect suiting you ;) Also thanks for your sweet comment! I was thinking exactly the same! xx Nini