Sunday, October 9, 2011

Get Jiggy Wiggy Wit It

It's been awhile since I've been out to play. Sadly to kind of of seems like my playful, clubbing days are slowly coming to an end as I can't find anymore energy to do it. Once it hits midnight, I can barely keep my eyes open anymore. I blame work for this. Staying in with the boyfriend and renting movies seems to be the most entertaining thing to do on my weekends now. I love it, especially if I have a tapioca in my hand. :) Anyway, my very good friend Teresa and I went out for her sister in laws 30th birthday. Her theme was Gettin Jiggy Wiggy Wit It and I thought it was the cutest ever. I never would've thought to have a bunch of girls prancing around town wearing wigs would be fun but it was! I might have to steal her idea one year for my birthday. 

So as for my wig, I decided to reuse my sister's old Poison Ivy wig she wore last year for Halloween. It was really hard for me to make it look normal on me as I wasn't wearing a Poison Ivy costume. I originally had a feathered headband on to cover the wierd part in the middle of the wig but instead, I opted for a hippie headband ( I purchased in Chicago but never had to chance to wear it yet). The look sort of was inspired by Nicole Richie.


<3 pocketfulofapples


  1. haha you pull off that wig quite well ms ivy! haha it works! and i LOVE nicole richie. always inspiring.


  2. amazing blog!
    and love your style :)